Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Arizona Immigration Law Videos

Attorney General Eric Holder's - Arizona immigration law:

"it is an unfortunate law"
"subject to potential abuse"
"has possibility of leading to racial profiling"
"I don't think it's necessarily a good idea"

He hasn't read it!

Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano:

"That's not the kind of law I would have signed. I believe it's a bad law enforcement law."
"I believe it mandates and requires local enforcement and puts them in a position many do not want to be placed in."
"When I was dealing with laws of that ilk, most of the law enforcement agencies in Arizona at that time were opposed to such legislation."

She hasn't read it!

Researchers for The Federation for American Immigration Reform have publicly announced that the illegal immigrant population in the state of Arizona is costing taxpayers $2.7 billion.

There are an estimated 460000 illegal immigrants in Arizona

Arizona's new immigration law has ignited debate around the country, but the law is a response to the impact of drug-related criminality on the security and well-being of the American people. Arizona residents are grasping for solutions to a surge in violent crime--including three hundred to four hundred kidnappings in Phoenix in each of the last two years--that can be traced back to the drug gangs that operate across the U.S.-Mexico border.

Arizona Immigration: is it illegal to be here illegally?
Wow, something that is illegal is really now illegal in Arizona!
Imagine that!

When you have the President of the United States saying that police officers in Cambridge, MA "acted stupidly", that is bad enough.

However, we now hear Obama say that making illegal immigration illegal, is a "misguided" notion.

Apparently, these lovely bunch of people involved in a riot in Phoenix, Arizona seem to think it is not illegal to do something illegal.


Illegal Immigration Protesters Paint Swastikas with Refried Beans on Windows

How could ABC, CBS, and NBC, not report this?
Illegal Immigrants Rally

These networks, however, have been calling the Tea Partiers violent and racist. Joe Klein calls Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin seditious, but where is Nancy Pelosi, who said the Tea Party Members carried swastikas?

Where are the pictures of these Tea Partiers?

Will Nancy Pelosi come out and denounce those who painted a swastika on a window during the illegal immigrant protests? Remember what she said about the Tea Partiers:

""I saw this myself in the late '70s in San Francisco," Pelosi said. "This kind of rhetoric was very frightening" and created a climate in which violence took place. I think we all have to take action and responsibility for our words — we are a free country and this balance between freedom and safety is one that we, um, have to carefully balance.

In Support of Arizona's Governor, Law Enforcement and the Residents of Arizona

This is my show of support for Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, and for Arizona's Law Enforcement Officials:

Even though I'm a huge longtime NY Yankees fan, I support the Arizona Diamondbacks and all of their fans!

Even though this boycott is idiotic since the Arizona Beverage Company is based in Queens, NY, I will buy only Arizona Iced Tea now.

One of my favorite songs from the year I graduated 8th grade has always been the following song by Mark Lindsay:   
"Arizona" #10 on Billboard Charts   
She must belong to San Francisco
She must have lost her way
Postin' a poster of Poncho and Cisco
One California day
She said she believes in Robin Hood and brotherhood
And colours of green and grey
And all you can do is laugh at her
Doesn't anybody know how to pray?
Arizona, take off your rainbow shades
Arizona, have another look at the world
My myyy
Arizona, cut off your Indian braids
Arizona, hey won'tcha go my way
Mmmm strip off your pride you're acting like a teeny-bopper run away child
And scrape off the paint from the face of a little town saint
Arizona, take off your hobo shoes
Arizona, hey won'tcha go my way
Follow me up to San Francisco
I will be guide your way
I'll be the Count of Monte Cristo
You'll be the Countess May
And you can believe in Robin Hood and brotherhood and rolling the ball in the hay
And I will be reading you an Aesop's fable
Anything to make you stay-ay-ay
Arizona, take off your rainbow shades
Arizona, have another look at the world, my my
Arizona, cut off your Indian braids
Arizona, hey won'tcha go my way
Hey, Arizona, take off your hobo shoes
Arizona, have another look at the world, my my
Arizona, get off your 8-ball blues
Arizona, hey won'tcha go my way
Come on, hey, Arizona, take off your rainbow shades

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